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Project DM

Project DM is a consortium of veterinarians and researchers committed to finding a cure for canine degenerative myelopathy (DM). The group includes four major universities across the United States where veterinarians and researchers are working together to broaden the impact of DM research and help make leading-edge therapies available to more dogs and their owners. Project DM believes a cooperative effort among researchers is the key to unlocking new treatments that improve the lives of our canine patients. For more information on specific projects, and to search for veterinary clinical trials in your area, click here:

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Why a cooperative approach? Project DM's primary goal is to establish and maintain a veterinary platform trial that can be conducted across many universities. This will allow:

1. New treatments for DM to be tested more quickly. 

2. Provide access to trials for more dogs with DM.

3. Ultimately, ensure better headway in finding a cure.


A platform trial is a ground-breaking type of clinical trial that has recently been used for studying treatments for human diseases such as breast cancer. Click here to read about platform trials in people and how they can help researchers better identify treatments that actually work. We can apply the same ideas to studying treatments for canine diseases . Project DM is the first veterinary platform trial in the world. Using this exciting new strategy to studying DM, we can bring new treatments to the veterinary clinic so that we can start to imagine a world without DM.

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